Water as Nature Intended

Do you cherish the healing qualities of a natural spring? Properly mineralized and structurally aligned Water hydrates more efficiently. Since the 1980’s, UMH has been selling their patented and refined Water structuring technology that copies and enhances the process of these healing springs using specifically derived ratios. Using German-engineering and only high-quality materials (24k Gold, Brass, Quartz Crystal) UMH creates long-lasting Water structuring devices for your everyday use. They require no maintenance, have no parts to replace, are free from chemicals, electricity, and harmful radiation.

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Water Needs Structure

Of the over 2,000 Water cluster combinations known by scientists, the hexagonal structure allows for the highest toxin solvability, ion energy values, and hydration capacity. With UMH technology, an optimally vital and crystalline hexagonal cluster state is returned to any Water sources making it available again for hydration on a cellular level.

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UMH Works

The effect of UMH devices has been demonstrated using several methods by multiple independent 3rd party science lab experiments. UV spectroscopy, biophoton analysis by Dr. Popp, surface tension and skin resistance by Dr. Voll, ColorPlate® method testing by Dr Knapp, kinesiology, health field diagnotics, crystal images by Dr. Masaru Emoto and Dr. Höfer, microscopy imaging by the University of Stuttgart, and tomato plant yield increases by Landwirtschaftliche Fachschule Eisenstadt (Agriculture College of Eisnenstadt University)

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No Electricity, Chemicals or Maintenance

UMH technology works without electricity or chemicals. It is this natural method of water treatment that allows for the regeneration of feeble tap water with energy value increasing many times over.

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UMH technology removes a spectrum of frequency contaminants by returning the structure of Water to its original spring Water quality. The result is a noticeably softer and refreshing taste, deep cellular hydration, and detoxification potential increases.

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Client Testimonials

Are you kidding me?! The UMH Delta is absolute perfection in my shower, bath, dishwasher, washer, faucets! The healing water is making me speechless!”

-Randy, New York

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