99.9% of your body is structured Water by molecule count, making it the most vital substance for health and vitality. All body and mind functions require structured Water. Are you providing your body with the best?

BeLifeWater Mission:  to make available the best structured Water educational resources and Water for your health, agricultural yields, animals, and well being. As sole distributors of UMH Structured Water Technology for North America, we are proud to bring this patented technology that realigns Water to the original geometry and structure of a natural spring, glacier melt, or waterfall; Water in it’s living state.  Water in this state is the only Water used in plants and our bodies. The result? Efficient hydration, better yields, healthier bodies, and more energy for your busy life.  Be the next person who discovers the #belifewater difference today.

Whether it’s from your Water store, bottled, or from the tap, most Water is filtered under high pressure, treated with chemicals and UV light, and then travels long distances using straight pipes. Through this unnatural process, Water loses most of its healing properties by destroying the physical structure of Water. Consider that charcoal and diamond are chemically identical, both consisting exclusively of carbon. The only difference is its physical structure.


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What is Structured Water?


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Importance of Intracellular Hydration

What Client’s Say


I’m wheelchair bound and have Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS), a disorder in which the body’s immune system attacks part of the peripheral nervous system. Since I started drinking and bathing in structured water, I can’t tell you how much better I feel!! I had to let you know!

My mobility is better and my infections are healing faster. I used to have a fungal infection on my foot and no matter what I did, even with pharmaceutical creams, it wouldn’t heal. Now the infection has completely healed! And it is all because of structured water. My skin feels better, I feel more hydrated, my plants are thriving, and I haven’t bought ANY bottled water since I got my device.

Now I fill up about 20 bottles with structured water and store them in my refrigerator and cabinets to have on hand. My nurse and physical therapist, so impressed with the changes they’ve seen in me, now want their own devices! Structured water is my first and only water supply now. Thank you so much! Everyone should have this and I am going to spread the word far and wide.

Jamal Hasan


High vibrating water is an important aspect of awakening so I recommend you start immersing yourself in structured water right away.

Kenji Kumara


I was telling you I was suffering from allergies before I purchased my structured water device. Literally the night before I got my devices, I went to bed and was having congestion issues with my upper respiratory and throat and I was praying to god..this has got to go away. I get the devices the next day and I open up the box. I started drinking my water pouring it through the handheld putting it into water jugs immediately. Within a couple of hours I am walking out the door to go to work and the congestion just started coming out of lungs and out of sinuses. From that point on until now I haven’t breathed this clear in I can’t remember how long. It was just amazing. I’ve been suffering for, especially in the Spring time, for almost 2 months. And I was taking pills and all kinds of stuff. I don’t take any of that now. I just wanted to share that with you.

Paul Sakala


I have to tell you .. I just took my first shower with the shower head! It was amazing!! The best shower I’ve ever had LOL I love the feel of the water and the pressure is perfect!!! I love it!!! I also used the portable filter for my coffee this morning and it tasted so clean.. if that makes sense? It tasted delicious! So happy I found these products!! Thank you!



As soon as I received my portable, I shared structured water with my friend and told her to drink 2 glasses of the structured water and see if she noticed a difference. Two days later she said “Oh my God! Boy, I slept so good..I woke up with more energy and I went to the bathroom as if I was cleansing.” I told her we can take all these superfood supplements, herbs, and powders..etc.. but they will have minimal effect if you don’t have proper uptake and absorption…Structured water is so great!

Marc G.


I just love my shower unit and my lovely device and I try my best to tell everyone here at my new unit at Eureka Retirement Village. I have more energy, more calmness, silky hair and skin.

I feel so good about not using plastic bottles and my plants are responding lovingly. I made a friend with a little bird on a rose plant and he stayed there while i drenched him with my spray bottle of “water.” He actually couldn’t fly away for a while because he loved the water!

I also love structured breathing techniques (I do with my portable) and “Mum” gets a call from me nearly every morning-“Mum have you been “breathing” and drinking as you should with your devices?” -she’s going on 92 years “young.”

Carol from Australia


I’ve had my Portable for 2½ years. It cost me £240 at the time (about 325 Euro.)

In that time it has enabled me to structure every single drink that I’ve had (not just the water); every bath I’ve had; the water tank in my narrowboat home; other people’s water tanks; every shower I’ve had at home; the swimming pool I take my disabled woman to every week (you can swim with eyes open underwater in the chlorine water and it doesn’t sting at all); I breathe through it to get structured air straight into my brain and lungs; I can blow air through it with a fan and structure the air in a whole room, instantly.

With structured water spray, I’ve structured all of the paint, oils and bitumen that went on my boat;every bottle of detergent, liquid soap, any chemicals I’ve had to use; toothpaste; all my food, and that’s only the things I’ve can think of right now.

And it can structure water 12 times or 100 times or 10,000 times if you want to play that way and see what happens:).

And it will do all that (and more that I haven’t thought of yet) for the rest of my life even if I lose it or break it because it has a lifetime warranty (20 year).

You can’t even do lots of that stuff AT ALL any other way, never mind for $300 bucks or so for LIFE.

It’s the only truly profound plastic thing in the world. It’s worth ten Gaggia coffee machines, at least.

Hopefully one day they’ll be given away to everyone in Corn Flakes packets and I want to live in that world. That’s my 2 Cents worth.



Thanks so much to structured water for bringing my plant back to life. She was a gift from my sister and we’ve been together for 15 years. About a year ago she got sick with something that was eating her leaves. You can see the photo of what it looked like. I tried everything from home remedies to store bought products and nothing worked. I was so sad because it looked like she was going to die.

Then I bought my structured water device and began watering the plant once a week with structured water. In a couple months she was back! Whatever was bothering her went away and she began to shine. She has only flowered once a year in the time I’ve had her. But since she began drinking structured water six month ago, she has flowered twice! I’m so happy because this plant has meant so much to me. Look at how she shines!

Liliana A.


I love structured water. I must say my mind doesn’t fully understand it but that isn’t holding me back. It tastes better. I am attracted to it energetically and I have a knowing in my solar plexus that I will not ignore.

Daniel Murray


People have noticed a difference in how I look and have asked me what I am doing. I tell them I am drinking structured water. My 18 year old son calls it God Water. He was completely joking when he first said but what he told me what he meant is that it is amazing and God would want us to drink amazing water. Pretty smart for an 18 year old boy I think. Regards,